How can you be called Who got the flower? and not be concerned about our ecological impact? Our love of nature and the desire to preserve it has always been central to our thinking. So we decided to take things to the next level.

Here's the result of our work for the 2024 edition.

Louis Didelle
24 years old, all her teeth.

yo, my name is louis

I'm working on greening Wgtf?! My mission is to compile a huge amount of data on the festival to calculate its carbon footprint and devise ways of improving it.

Carbon footprint - definition

Carbon footprinting is a set of methods for measuring the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted by a project. It enables us to target the parameters that emit the most and then create measures to reduce these emissions.

what do we do with it?!

After several months' work in the solitude of tables and figures, we're delighted to share with you the concrete measures for 2024.



No more inter-france planes!

In 2024, Wgtf?! booked 0 inter-france tickets.

This year, the organizing team has made a strong choice: to bring the French guest artists by train, bus or carpool, but not by plane. Flying consumes 80 times more CO2 than the TGV. This decision is in line with the measure voted by the Citizens' Climate Convention (CCC) in 2020 (but emptied of its content by the current government). This choice avoided the emission of 712kg of CO2.

So, how are you coming?


"We're squeezed into a crate

7/10 drivers are alone in their car.

75% of the energy used by our cars is used to transport empty seats, and 7 out of 10 drivers are alone in their car. Think about carpooling and join Wgtf?! in its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. You can even test the first VR2+ (carpool lane) on the A48 motorway entering Grenoble from Lyon.

suggest a carpool


biking to coléo!

Don't forget your bike!

This year, the festival is making it easy for you to come by bike! All you have to do to get here is follow the V63 cycle path through the Grésivaudan valley from Grenoble to Chambéry. The route will be signposted, so saddle up and follow the flower! Once on site, bike racks are available for parking your bike around the festival.


Festival-goers who dare to get on their bikes will win a "1 drink/crêpe bought = 1 drink/crêpe offered" coupon. Show up at the Festival Box Office.

To take part in the challenge: register your route on a platform like Strava, Géovélo or Komoot and take a photo of yourself on your bike! The person who completes the longest distance will be rewarded (details to follow).


wgtf?! by public transport

Trains emit 80 times less CO2 than cars.

"What?! The train station is 183 meters from the entrance arch? Only!". And yes, Wgtf?! is located right next to the train station.


Festival-goers who take the train will win a "1 drink/crêpe bought = 1 drink/crêpe offered" coupon. Show your support at the Festival Box Office.

To enter the challenge: show your ticket and a photo of yourself on the train at the ticket office, and you're in! The person who covers the greatest distance will be rewarded (details to follow).



more information to come.


Upcycled merchandising!

Our logo, your T-shirt.

Bring your sape out of the closet and give it a new look! This year, Wgtf?! is offering a screen-printing workshop to help you give your stuff a second life. At the same time, a partnership with local recyclers and thrift shops is under construction to offer you a range of sape to upcycle on the spot!


Sustainable communication

No 4K, no live = no data center.

No data center, no energy. No energy, no CO2 emissions. No CO2 emissions... no CO2 emissions! Communication, too, has to be rethought. To reduce its impact, Wgtf?! has opted out of the live and 4K formats, printing most of its visuals 30 km from the festival.

power supply


Local, sustainable foodtrucks

BY 2024, 3/4 of meals will be vegetarian.

Quentin, in charge of the Hip-Hop village, has found us some local foodtrucks. He signs an agreement with them, encouraging them to use local, seasonal produce. Wgtf?! is gradually moving towards a 100% vegetarian offering for its festival-goers. This year we're reducing the meat offer by 50% compared to last year, and it now represents only 25% of meals.


Local and vegetarian catering

Guests from all over the world, from the plates next door.

With Mamizinz (the cook) it's all vegetarian and all local! For several years now, our catering manager has been offering vegetarian and locally sourced menus to our volunteers and guest artists.


100% local drinks

In beer or juice, the region tastes great!

Everyone to the refreshment bar! Wgtf?! works mainly with local and regional producers. We're proud to say that all our drinks come from within a 50 km radius! And yes, Wgtf?! is all about going international for local.


WGTF?! goes to market

Come and discover our Alpine food heritage.

What?! You don't know what Tomme des Alpes is?! There'll be a local food stand at the festival to make up for it! So come and discover the Alpine food heritage and its ambassadors: local producers.



Reusable signage!

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

In partnership with local printer Notre Dame, the festival reuses its signage materials. That's 100 kg less PVC we'll avoid producing this year!


on the ground: hands, feet, but NOT cigarette butts

1 cigarette butt = 500L of polluted ocean water

Did you know that cigarette filters are made of plastic? Beyond plastic pollution, a cigarette butt pollutes up to 500L of water. Two reasons not to litter.

Last year, the cleanliness team collected many, many cigarette butts . This year, the festival will be offering free pocket ashtrays at the entrance, and there will be plenty of stationary ashtrays in the hip-hop village and on the campsite. We're counting on you!


no more disposable crockery

300kg of cardboard and plastic waste avoided!

For several years now, the festival has been going the reusable route: water bottles, ecocups, hard dishes for volunteers and artists... This year, Wgtf?! is going one step further and offering festival-goers reusable crockery. The foodtrucks will be equipped with reusable crockery, and there will be strategic points where you can drop off your dirty dishes. A team of volunteers will be in charge of washing them.

This measure will drastically reduce the 378kg of plastic and cardboard waste thrown away during the 2023 edition. We're counting on your good will to deposit your dirty dishes in the dedicated areas and not in the garbage cans!


Reusable scenography

Reduce, reuse, recycle bis.

Set design plays a central role in cultural production. All too often, it is conceived, created and used for an event, then stored, forgotten and discarded.

At Wgtf?! the scenography is thought out in such a way that it can be reused from one edition to the next. The hip-hop village is a case in point. We build it from recycled materials, repairing and improving them each year.

This year, Wgtf?! is extending its efforts to include interior scenography. The scenic elements will have to be thought through so that they can be reused in subsequent editions.


Dry toilets

34,000 liters of water avoided.

It's a must at the festival. By installing dry toilets, we avoid using 34,000 liters of water over the three days of the festival. That's the equivalent ofa 3m x 7m swimming pool...


Recycling waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle bis bis.

At Wgtf?! we reduce, we reuse, and the rest: we recycle! Sorting points are set up throughout the festival. Composts will be extended to the entire festival, and not just to the volunteer and artist catering. Our partnership with Sibrecsa ensures that all our waste is processed.



Educational events

Knowledge for better protection.

Throughout the three-day festival, a "flower arbour" will be manned by various partners and volunteers. Come and discuss, exchange and learn about the ecological issues addressed by the festival. After the circles, the "flower arbour" is the must-see spot in the Hip-hop village!


WGTF?! becomes a recycling center

Refuse, repair, reuse, recycle, reuse.

For the duration of the festival, Wgtf?! is dedicating a stand to the R de récup recyclery. In this age of fast fashion and cultural obsolescence, the festival supports local initiatives that give pride of place to second-hand goods. So get your textiles, home furnishings, household appliances, books, toys and other accessories sorted at the R de récup stand! They'll only be accepted in good condition!

Big-up to Lavoisier who said so well: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed".